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Links to Friends

Tobacco Blenders
G.L. Pease Tobaccos
They don't call him The Dark Lord for nothing. Greg Pease is a master blender, and everything he produces is wonderful to smoke.
Cornell & Diehl, Inc.
Craig Tarler is the mastermind behind these blends. There are offerings ranging from invigorating to relaxing, and tastes for every smoker. Mississippi Mud simply must be tasted to be believed!

Other Pipe Makers
Trever Talbert
Unlike some makers, Trever never shies away from the weird or oddball - witness the Halloween Pipes and the Goblin series.
Greg Clemons
Possibly the nicest guy you'll ever meet at a pipe show. Check out the carved pipes, some are simply stunning!

Other Artisans and Craftsmen
Russian Wolf Woodworks
Supplier of fine pens, wands, and raw materials to artisans everywhere.
Acre Metal Works
Fuad Accawi is a bladesmith in Eastern Tennessee. Check out his Acre Utility Knife - both beautiful and supremely functional.

Tobacco Retailers
JR Cigars
A retailer of pipe tobacco, cigars, and cigar accessories. Check out the current specials for cigar bargains. This may be the least expensive place to buy certain brands of pipe tobacco as well.
Smokers' Haven
Based in Columbus, OH, Smokers' Haven is the place to visit on the weekend and relax in the store.
Pipes and Pleasures
Another Columbus, OH based retailer catering to pipe smokers. Easy to get to, and and a great place to relax and chat.
Cup O' Joes
Pipes, tobacco, and some cigars. Eric is a great guy, and is a pleasure to do business with. Some of my pipes can be found for sale here.

Pipe Clubs
North American Society of Pipe Collectors
Based in Columbus, Ohio, they organize a yearly show and publish an informative newsletter.
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