February 22, 2018, 11:19 am
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French Wheel Jacobs Chuck Arbor
Price: $25

I had a brainstorm not too long ago while talking to someone about the Motor Arbors that I've been offering for a while now. They work splendidly, but require that you mount them to a motor - and I know a lot of guys just don't have the space or desire to mount a bare motor on their workbench. However, almost everyone who makes pipes has a wood lathe or drill press that they use to spin various tools, and those folks might benefit from a different take on this idea.

This arbor is designed to mount in a 1/2" Jacobs chuck. Basically you chuck it in the headstock of your lathe (or drill press spindle), thread the backup pad on, and set the speed you need. Another nice thing about this setup, is that you can vary the RPM of the disc so that you can use a very fast speed for roughing in, and slow it right down for when you need to do detail work with higher grits.

I do not include the sanding pad, sandpaper, or motor. However, if you're having problems finding good sanding pads and would like me to supply you with one in the order, email me and I'll quote you a price. If you're going to go out and find your own, I suggest you skip the big-box hardware stores and go direct to an automotive finishing supply company. They'll have the best quality DA pads for this application.

One final note: these are an in-stock item. I try to keep a good collection of these ready to ship out so they'll never sell out. I'm working on one for 3/8" chucks as well, so if that's your need, stay tuned.

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