February 22, 2018, 11:14 am
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For 5/8-inch motor shafts:

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For mounting on an SA-180 Delta 1x42 sander/grinder:
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French Wheel Motor Arbor
Price: $39

This shaft originally took life as a means for me to be able to reap the benefits of having a French wheel for shaping and sanding pipe stummels. Over the next year, I refined the design and tweeaked it slightly to what you see here. Using a wheel like this makes creating complex shapes with dynamic grain-following interplay very easy. IT works so well, that I decided other folks might find it useful. I've actually used this when putting finishing touches on tampers, pens, and even knife handles.

The arbor comes with either a 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch mounting hole allowing it to slide right onto the shaft of your motor, and is secured with a set screw ensuring it stays put while you're sanding. The other side is threaded to accept a standard 5/16"-24 shaft from dual-action sander pads. The arbor is made from 6061 aluminum, a strong alloy ensuring years of service.

NEW!!! I have adapted this design to be capable of mounting on a Delta 1x42 sander/grinder with the sanding disk attached to the side. The model this has been tested on is the SA-180, which is the current model from Delta. It may also fit other 1x42 sanders with a sanding disk and table onthe side, but please contact me to confirm your model. The 4th and 5th pictures below show the new model of arbor next to the standard arbor. The SA-180 model is the smaller one, sized to clear the sander's frame casting.

I do not include the sanding pad, sandpaper, or motor. However, if you're having problems finding good sanding pads and would like me to supply you with one in the order, email me and I'll quote you a price. If you're going to go out and find your own, I suggest you skip the big-box hardware stores and go direct to an automotive finishing supply company. They'll have the best quality DA pads for this application.

Part of the beauty of this little tool is the ability to have a single motor as your sanding station. Some French Wheel setups that I've seen require you have a motor dedicated to each grit of sandpaper you use. With this setup, all you have to do is spin one DA pad off the arbor, leaving the arbor attached to your motor, and spin the next grit on. It brings changing grits down from several minutes to a matter of seconds. I have seven DA pads and a single motor at my sanding station, each pad a different grit for different purposes.

One final note: these are an in-stock item. I try to keep a good collection of these ready to ship out so they'll never sell out. Also, if you have a motor with another size, like 3/4-inch, 20mm, 16mm, or would like these with different threads for different backup pads, shoot me an email. I can pretty much make them with whatever you need.

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