February 22, 2018, 11:11 am
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Sandblasting Services
Price: $25

Sandblasting setups are very expensive to acquire and maintain, take up a crapload of space, and tend to piss off the neighbors unless you have some serious space between you and them. Add the learning curve, the need to experiment with different media, and the experience required to read the briar and determine which method is best for a particular piece of briar, and a sandblasting setup can be a daunting proposition for most people. Luckily I've got all of that, except the pissed off neighbors, and can run my sandblaster pretty much any time day or night.

I'm now pleased to offer the services of my equipment and expertise to pipe makers everywhere, whether part time, hobbyist, or full time. If you've got a pipe that just can't be finished smooth for one reason or another, sandblasting can provide a wonderful finish, and give your pipe new life.

Please note that these services begin and end at the sandblaster. In order to keep the price low, I ask that you do most of the prep work in getting your pipe ready to sandblast. I will make sure that the tobacco chamber is protected, but I ask that you provide either the stem or a piece of delrin rod fitted to the mortis to protect it. You don't want sandblast media in your mortis - it wil chew up the stem's tenon something fierce, and can change the size of the mortis as well. Make sure the pipe is finished shaped and sanded to about 150 or 180 grit. Finer finish sanding than that is not necessary for any areas except where you will place your stamp or makers mark, which should be fully finished.

Important Info to remember
  • Be sure to include either your stem or a short piece of fitted rod to plug the mortis so that sandblast media doesn't get in there.
  • I have rubber stoppers to protect the tobacco chamber, no need to include one of those.
  • I will mask off the stem, pluse a short section at the end of the shank (if you desire it) to protect it during blasting.
  • Mask off your stamping area if a 3/4" round circle is not to your liking.
  • If you choose 3/4" round circle, let me know where you want it.
  • The area that will be for your stamp should be finish sanded to whatever grit you normally do smooth pipes.
  • All briar will react to sandblasting differently. This is the nature of the wood. You and I cannot choose how it will respond. See the pictures below for examples.
  • The shipping that is tacked on when you add to cart coveres return shipping to you.
  • Above all, ask if you have questions.

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