February 22, 2018, 11:23 am
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Two Friends Celtic Mist

This tobacco is not what you might expect from reading the description on the Two Friends section of Conrell and Diehl's website. One might think that the tobacco is similar to other "Irish mist" type flavors that are actually "Irish cream" - which are sort of creamy vanilla flavors with other unidentifiable tastes tossed in for good measure. That is not the case with Celtic Mist.

Celtic Mist is, as the liturature indicates, enchanting. When the tin is first opened, you notice a strong smell that isn't quite recognized at first. Some have called it fruity, others aren't quite sure what to call it. For me, it was unmistakable - it's the smell of good Irish or Scotch whiskey once the alcohol has evaporated. It's a similar essence to what you will give to food when you cook with good whiskey insead of something awful like the stuff on the bottom shelf at the liquor store. In the tin, it is mild, but jumps to the forefront. It does not overpower, but you know right away, this isn't a typical tobacco.

The blend carries a sweetness that is difficult to describe. Some of that is the flavor of the whiskey coming through, and some is the sweet Virginia tobaccos. For the first part of the bowl, the flavor of the Cavendish comes through a little, but dances in the background as a supporting role to the whiskey flavors and the sweetness of the Virginias. As I smoke, the sweetness eventually subsides, but the flavoring never decreases. Right down to the end of the bowl, the whiskey sings a strong lead, while the Cavendish provides depth and voices a supporting melody that's in complete harmony. The slower you smoke your pipe, the more intense the flavors will be, but all the while, never overpowering.

The whiskey flavoring does seem to carry a smokey flavor with it. This, if you know Scotch whiskey, is a wonderful flavor. It's not like Latakias, and not as strong and pronounced, but it is there, and provides an interesting play of flavors with the Cavendish. You can almost taste a little saltiness in smoke, no doubt from the whiskey as well, and this seems to highten the interplay of flavors on your palate.

The tobacco is so interesting, and unlike any other whiskey-flavored blends that I've tried, that I find I'm actually disappointed when I've finished a bowl full of the stuff. What to do? Me, I load up the same pipe again, and continue on my journey. Frankly, I'm surprised that this blend isn't more popular. That's fine though, more for me....
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