February 22, 2018, 11:23 am
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Cornell & Diehl London Squire

London Squire is one of those tobaccos you find every once in a while and almost overlook because of the lack of fanfare surrounding it. This is an English Blend - meaning that it is unflavored. The primary tobaccos in this blend, according to my taste buds, are Latakia and Turkish. There are other tobaccos in there, but they don't really make themselves known in any measure - which is fine, because sometimes this is all you want. Let me explain....

Every day, after lunch, I reach for a pipe and some tobacco. I don't want the tobacco to knock me down with flavors, especially since lunch was probably very heavy on spices like chipotle, curry, or other strong flavors. What I want is a tobacco that has a Latakia flavor, is not sweet, and provides a well-rounded smoke without complication - and that is what London Squire is. It is an uncomplicated tobacco that is up front with its flavors and doesn't hide anything. What you taste at first light is what you will taste at teh bottom of the bowl.

Some connoisseurs of pipe tobacco will call it "flat". I prefer to call it "honest". The Latakia is present in enough volume to provide good flavor, and the turkish provides the background. There are other tobaccos in the blend, but they seem to only provide a roundness for the main pair. The flavors do not dull or change as you smoke, and the latakia remains strong throughout. It is kind to your tongue, which is especially nice after spicy meals, and it helps cleans and rest your palate. The smell of the smoke may not win you any favors with your wife or lady friends, it does contain Latakia after all, but I find it a wonderful smell. Smoky, without being harsh, and friendly.

And yes, I called the smell friendly. That's what this tobacco is to me, an old friend that I can talk to all day. Someone you know is never going to change, and will always be there when you need them. One could easily smoke this tobacco all day, and never feel as if they were missing something.

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