February 22, 2018, 11:23 am
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G.L. Pease Robusto

I may have had the best smoke of the week last night - a bowl of GLP Robusto. I wasn't certain I'd have time to finish it since I was cooking on the grill, and I hate doing that with Robusto since it's *not* a good candidate for DGT (tastes like an ashtray if you try it). However, I loaded up about 3/4 of a bowl and threw the chicken on the flame.

The beginning of the bowl tastes like when you just light a good maduro cigar. Not an Onyx or something, not quite that good, but one of the better inexpensive ones - like a Maria Mancini. There's a spice that develops shortly afterward, depending on how hard you puff, and that's probably the latakia whispering to your tongue. The flavor never falters or weakens, all the way through the bowl. If anything, it develops a creamy flavor towards the end.

Like a good cigar, you have to take care not to puff too hard. However, like most GLP blends, this one is fairly dry and doesn't require lots of puffing to keep it lit. Another benefit to the dryness, and the nature of using cigar leaf, is that you're probably not going to need to swab out your stem. It was about 50 degrees here last night, and humid, and I expected to need a handful of of cleaners, especially since I was breaking in a new pipe. However, no cleaners needed - not a single one. It smoked dry right down to the bottom, not even requiring a relight, and no dottle left over.

There are some drawbacks, and that's the flavor and smell. You have to like cigars in order to appreciate this blend. My wife and mother-in-law *hate* the smell. Also, you need to pay attention to your puffing. Like a good cigar, if you puff too much, it turns hot, sour, and nasty. Take a few puffs, and let it rest for a moment. Don't worry about it going out, if you light it well to begin with, that simply isn't a concern.

Oh yeah, the chicken was done at exactly the same time as my smoke. Talk about a great experience!

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