February 22, 2018, 11:21 am
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G.L. Pease Bohemian Scandal

I recently received a giant 8oz tin of Bohemian Scandal from an appreciative customer and I've been smoking it for days in all manner of pipes. So, at the risk of sounding like a G.L. Pease fanboy...

You *must* try this stuff. If you like latakia at all, you'll be enchanted from the first taste. It carries a spiciness under a smoky overtone, and a creamy "texture" overall. There's sweetness from the virginias, but absolutely no bite whatsoever - which is odd since virginias tend to hurt me. The intertwining of spice, smoke, and creaminess is unparalleled in any balkan blend that I've smoked to date. It's a dance of flavors, simple yet complex. Smoke while in a contemplative mood and you can sense exotic spices, or puff while busy with something else and the flavor is rich and dark enough to satisfy you even when you're not paying attention.

As I smoke this, the tobacco develops a fuller flavor towards the end of a bowl. Unlike some blends that become bitter at the end, Bohemian Scandal retains it's creamy texture, alluring spice, and dark smoky fragrances all the way to the bottom - it simply intensifies as you go. What surprises me most is that smoking this in a new pipe was nearly as good as any of the ones that had been broken in. However, if you're patient with this tobacco, and dedicate a pipe to it, you'll be rewarded with a dark dance of flavor unlike any other that I've ever tasted.

As I smoke this tobacco, I can't help but smile. It's not a smile of amusement or humor, it's a relaxed smile of the satisfaction of one who has reached the end of their journey and attained their prize. It's like the smile of a person who has saved spare change for over a decade, and has just sat down on the Harley Davidson they paid cash for. It's a the smile of Burt Rutan as he watches his creation claim, not only the X Prize, but attain record-breaking accomplishments as well. It's the smile of a weary traveler, as he rounds the bend and lays eyes on his home.

Greg does it again, but I fear that this time he might not be able to succeed himself.

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